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Wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit. Your health is determined by a delicate balance between nerves, hormones,organs, genetics, emotional state, lifestyle as well as environmental conditions. Mind and body kinetics reveal our psychology and affect our biology. Certain emotions can make us sick and lead to certain illnesses for example - Suppressed anger leads to high blood pressure. Conventional medicine focuses on diagnosis of a disease followed by prescribing a drug thereby applying a bandage to the problem. We focus on the cause of the chronic disease and provide you a one-stop solution for the same. Comprehensive collaborative approach is followed to look at the origin and underlying causes of illness.
Chronic Diseases are rising at an alarming rate and are the main cause of death today around the world.

We offer a transformative experience that helps people to address the underlying cause of disease and maintain an optimal state of health and experience wellbeing.
Our method is based on correct diagnosis we offer healthy nutrition, IV therapies, preventive and healthy aging medicine, counsel on your emotional health, Wellbeing and inner balance is optimum for physical performance. All of this is accompanied by focusing on adopting healthy habits.
The experience of feeling well in your body and achieving a joyous state of mind is our commitment and we put all the efforts towards doing the same for all our clients.
Kiiran Patel Wellness Cube offers cutting edge medical and therapeutic techniques united with ancient healing methods to restore your balance and support your body's natural healing process. We offer a comprehensive health assessment and put together a personalized nutritional and treatment plan supported by doctors and therapists. A medical history is taken and a certain blood test would be recommended for the same. Together we work out a plan that aims to bring out the healthiest and happiest version of you. We offer a spectrum of bespoke and conventional immune boosting and alternative treatments to revitalize health and improve well being. We are committed to offer personalized healing resources. Therapies we offer- IV vitamins,Chelation, Ozone, Hydrogen, infrared sauna, colon cleanses,dry needling, cuppa therapy, supplementing nutraceuticals.

Kiiran Pael Wellness Cube

We believe that good health and vitality start from the inside out. So many of us are not absorbing the full benefits of the vitamins and minerals we ingest on a regular basis, resulting in nutritional deficiencies. IV Supplemental Therapy allows for greater bioavailability, providing a highly efficient way for the cells of the body to receive the micronutrients they need.
We customize Intravenous vitamin drips, each formulated to :

  • Improve and boost immunity.
  • Optimize energy and reduce fatigue.
  • Accelerate muscle recovery and improve sports endurance.
  • Combat stress and anxiety.
  • Boost energy and reduce chronic fatigue.
  • Elevate mental clarity and reduce inflammation.
  • Kick start metabolism and weight loss.
  • Enhance fertility.
  • Rehydrate from intense workout or hangover.
  • Slow down aging process.