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Our bodies have the ability and capacity to heal on its own known as innate intelligence. The sole purpose is to keep you alive and protect and defend you as required. Your cells know to heal and it may take time. Toxins from the environment, negative news, negative people and an unhealthy lifestyle damage our cells. Every cell in our body has central headquarters in your brain and spinal cord.
Our nervous system is the master communicator and controls every part of our body.

When this communication is lost, body functions are not in sync.
All the information travels through the spinal cord...alignment of the spinal cord is the key to wellness….. Heal your cells.

Create a morning routine by detaching with phone and connect with yourself...have self conversations. Avoid negative energy and negative people and negative thoughts.

Try High Intensity Interval training.
Stop grains for a while.
Eat fermented food.
Hydrate well.
Experiment fasting to heal…..