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Listening is an important skill especially when it comes to our own body. Honoring hunger and respecting fullness are important signals not to be ignored. Mindful eating and trusting body signals would be the best way to figure out whether we are eating mechanically, under stress or its real hunger.

Our Body always send signals when we are full most people miss to recognise :

    Feeling sluggish.
    No longer enjoying the food.
    Discomfort in the stomach.
    Tight Belly.
    Not hungry but ignored.

It is extremely important to honor your food and hunger “amRtam asi” a small short prayer making food as Amrit means divine. It's a habit for most people to eat while watching TV, Insta , Calls, disoriented with thoughts while eating. Getting rid of these habits is not that hard. Chew, savour and eat with your senses. Its like charging your mind and body with the right fuel. Your body will talk to you and tell you if you're hungry or otherwise.

Add small portions to your plate and serve as required. It is very common for people to fillup the plate more than required and then feel obligated to clean the plate. Most mothers force feed their children thinking more the better, instead what is digested and assimilated is more important.

Brahmārpañam Brahma Havir BrahmāgnauBrahmañāhutaṃ,
Brahmaiva Tena Gantavyam BrahmakarmāSamādhinah.
The act of offering is God. The oblation is God. By God it is offered into the Fire of God. God is That which is to be attained by him who performs action pertaining to God.