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We all want to adapt to healthy eating lifestyles...But truly what matters is how we choose the quality of food over quantity. The food we eat aids our body to naturally function well, if the quality declines our metabolic processes suffer declining health.
Lack of nutrition leads to chronic disease, it can affect multiple systems, such as the digestive system, the immune system, detoxification system, because of the interconnections between those systems.

To prevent the onset of these diseases, we must focus on nourishment rather than just counting calories. This view would help us to focus on foods to include rather than focusing on what not to eat. Consider food as the source of energy and not as enemy…

When we focus on only calories we are stressing ourselves we become constantly fearful of eating food.
Nutrient dense meals nourish our body and are essential for growth, development and maintenance of body functions. Eating a lot of low quality food can eventually harm your health, and you will end up paying much more in medicines and treatment. Be cautious of offers offered while selling food. Some of the olive oil is cheaper than sesame oil. How ?. Read the ingredients….most so called healthy food packets contain allowed preservatives. Who decides these are safe for you ? Recognize food as in whole form. Cannot make the almond milk it's fine. Do not buy the packet almond milk. You can just soak and eat almonds to be healthier.

Be conscious, Be cautious... Invest in reading and selecting your food...that is the source of your energy.